07 December 2013

Thank You Nini!

Nini, days without you are lonelier than ever
Not a single day passes by
Without your thought crossing my mind
Oh how am i to live without you
With each passing day I grow
Desperate than ever!

Had not I met you on that chilly day
Never would have I known the meaning...
Of what feeling truly for someone is like
Never would have I known the meaning...
Of being with the one you love is like
Never have I ever felt so secured in life
Oh Nini, life without you would be something...
Something which I'd never dare imagine

Never ever let go of me
For I see no future ahead of me
Without you! Please keep me close...
Very close for I miss the warmth of your arms
And the smell of your skin
With you being around...
There is nothing that I fear of

So complete I feel when I am with you
That if I am to die today... No regrets have I
For you gave the world to me
With all the love and care you showered on me
Oh Nini! You made my life so complete
That there is nothing more I would ever ask
All I want to say is...
Thank You for making me feel loved and wanted!