07 December 2013

Thank You Nini!

Nini, days without you are lonelier than ever
Not a single day passes by
Without your thought crossing my mind
Oh how am i to live without you
With each passing day I grow
Desperate than ever!

Had not I met you on that chilly day
Never would have I known the meaning...
Of what feeling truly for someone is like
Never would have I known the meaning...
Of being with the one you love is like
Never have I ever felt so secured in life
Oh Nini, life without you would be something...
Something which I'd never dare imagine

Never ever let go of me
For I see no future ahead of me
Without you! Please keep me close...
Very close for I miss the warmth of your arms
And the smell of your skin
With you being around...
There is nothing that I fear of

So complete I feel when I am with you
That if I am to die today... No regrets have I
For you gave the world to me
With all the love and care you showered on me
Oh Nini! You made my life so complete
That there is nothing more I would ever ask
All I want to say is...
Thank You for making me feel loved and wanted!

11 March 2013

Justa Thought!!

Mindful of the things that we do... we often tend to fail to realize what is right and what is wrong... until it is too late to sort things out and set it right... Yet we desperately wish if there was a time machine to turn back time to undone the things that we did. We are often filled with remorse and regret yet we find ourselves at a loss not knowing what to do...

02 July 2012

Oh dear me!

Oh dear me!
‘M back to square one again!
The sleepless nights haunting me…
With a thought that worries me,
Lost I am wondering the reason
All I know is Insomnia getting over me.

Is it a summer fling?
Or a forthcoming autumn romance
None it could be
But a simple thought, it is…
Yet a fascinating one
That charms and mesmerizes me
Making me feel on Cloud 9!