28 February 2011

For Someone Very Intimate...

Sometimes there are certain conditions that are unexplainable… Impossible are the things to explain… for it is not possible for every Tom, Dick and Harry to understand to what a person undergoes unless they are in the situation themselves… Trying to put their feet in the shoe and one who have already had their feet in the shoe are two different thi...ngs... one might sympathize or empathize with the person but unless we go through it…we don't know it...

As a sensible human we might understand it… empathize or sympathize with it... but we will never be able to understand the pang the person had gone through... though we might feel that if I were her or him I would have done these and that... but unless we go through it... it is hard to anticipate it... and sadly this is one truth which is hard to endorse.

When we see a lady sitting in a bar with a mug of beer in one hand and a fag on the other... all that we see is a lady getting drunk and fagging giving the world a damn... we do not try to foresee the reason behind it... however we cannot blame anyone for this... The blame simply goes to how we have been brought up… how we have been made to think this way... how our minds have been conditioned right from our childhood... we simply cannot change the way we think that we have been made to, in a couple of years...

To relate a real life story...

There was a time when we were shock to see a fellow brethren smoking in a discotheque or a pub... I once had the same experience a couple of years ago... back then I was in school... in the 90's... I was shocked to see a charming lady… who was a fellow brethren in her late 20s to see her smoke in public... I stared at her when she fagged with a damn care attitude... back then I never realized the fact why was she fagging... all I could see was the face value... that lady out there, besides being from a society with a rich culture and heritage (without ignoring the fact that she belongs to a respectable family)... she is degrading our clan and our culture...

Maybe I was imbecile to have thought that way... maybe I had a narrow perspective about life back then... whatever maybe the reason... I was at fault to have arrived to such a conclusion on my own... ignoring all the facts... as a matter of fact being inexperienced is not an excuse (please note that I am not trying to prove that I was right back then because I knew nothing nothing about things beyond my comfort zone)… because of the simple reason that I never knew about it... had I been the way I am today… I am confident enough to admit the fact that I would have never reacted the way I had reacted back then…

All that I wish to convey is until and unless one goes though the complexities of life… one might anticipate and empathize with it but will never understand the pang the person himself/herself is going through…

P.S – This is a sincere confession!

26 February 2011


Vengeance is what I seek
But I am unsure of the reason behind it
Very often I question myself
very often I reason with myself

Yet no answer is to be found
Undauntedly wayward as I am
I find myself astray
In the midst of nowhere...

Recounting those bygone days
and still counting and reasoning
strengthens my will and desire to seek for
What I alw...ays sought
The sweet yet bitter moments

Continues to sting me and
Somewhere deep inside, I still

Feel the pang
Reckoning every thoughts,
Feverishly shivering me to the spine
It opens up the wound that was
Never healed...

Reminiscing the bygones is all in vain
Yet how I am to walk past it
Calling it a nightmare... when they are
Before me in black and white...

All that I conclude with is
Vengeance is what I want
Till I breathe my last
Vengeance is what I seek

05 February 2011


Hey taibang mapokki meyoi punsi..
angakpani nangi punsi khongchat..
tamba ngamdaba nangi khongchat kayada..
thengnarakle punsigi makha mathel
pukning penna fangjare ngasidi
sanajaba nangi natam pakta..
karamba punsi gi mathel no khangdaba maa
tambirare ngasidi khangdaba lonchat kaya ama
uheidaba kaya amasu ujare..
khangheidaba kaya amasu khanghanlare
karamba punsigi mayano
karanba punsigi khongchatno..
lamangnaraba eigi punsi asi
nongmatadi maikei chumna pubiyu..
leijade karisu eigi haiba..
supnatagi heijariba wahei khara si natana...
paap oina poklaklaba meyoi punsini...
hainingba kaya fongdokningba kayaa...
ngangheidaba kaya haiheidaba kaya...
ouheidaba kayaa.. uheidaba kaya na..
thalaba meyoi punsini...
hey meyoi mapok..karamba
vidhatana tambiramba choirolbu oirigaba.