29 March 2011

Your Name - A Taboo

There was a time
When your name was held with pride
A time when people hear your name,
They look up to you as their idol,
A time, when everyone rejoiced
When your arrival was announced…

Today, your name is considered a taboo
Kith and kin hang their head in shame
To take your name…
Wistful were your actions
Shameful were you deeds
Your pride is passé with time.

Your actions are a disgrace
Nullification is what you brought
Had you recapitulated
You’d have still clung onto your pride
People would have celebrated you
Worshiped you in temples

But nefarious that you were
Heinous were your crimes…
Preposterous that you were,
None could as abhorrent as you!
Reprehensible you are
To be called a …………!

28 March 2011

You Will Be Missed!

No matter how far you drift away
Thoughts of you always linger
With every breath I take
You are missed (sigh)...
Silly instances remind me of you
So long my breaths last
You will be missed!

Losing you was the most I feared
Yet a blessing in disguise. it was
A curse at the same time...
At times I fret,
Walking past the myriads of life
Meeting and parting is just a phase
That I must endure..

Thankful I am to you...
Had it not been for you
Will-power would be something amiss
From you I draw my inspiration
Though you are not with me
Yet you will always remain my idol

Topsy-turvy the world may turn
Thoughts of you will always be mine
Memories of you will remain intact
None can intrude my niche
Neither will I let anyone to...
You are one of the millions
Nothing can surpass!

27 March 2011


Among the shackles she lay
Fearing the outrage
With none to encourage her!

23 March 2011

The Deceitful Death

Death smirked at me
I was dazed,
The beauty was enchanting
Carved its way...
Bribing the mind
To let the body
Set the soul free
To emancipate life...
Entwined was I
By the enticing magic
Nearly embraced
The darkness.
Such was the essence
Of the Deceitful Death!

18 March 2011


Fools consider themselves as
King in fool's Eden,
An act of stupidity!

The Darkened Dove

Fluttering her wings
She flew hence and forth;
Spreading the message
Of love, peace and harmony
No effort she left
To convey her words
Of humanity. But no
Ears ready to hear
All eyes preferred to
Be blindfolded. Yet,
Her spirit not deterred
Continued she, flapping
her wings. Strength
Defied her but spirit
Still High!
Clinging to her belief
Continues she to
Spread peace and harmony
Unfathomable it was
Yet she continues...

11 March 2011

Tsunami Haiku

She striked with elegance
As mighty as her
Name, left millions in fear.

10 March 2011

Down To The Memory Lane

Down to the memory lane
I walk past many an experience
Laughed and weeped
Remiscing some and some I loathed
Yet comforting it is
For had it not been for thos'
The way of the world
Would have been in shield.

Down to the memory lane
Etched with the sweet yet bitter memorie'
Joy filled my heart
So fond were the memoirs that
My soul is etched with desire
To head back to the days bygone
But Alas! it is impossible
For time and tide waits for none!

Down to the memory lane
And left with cherish memories is me
Only a smile curves my lips
And tears well up the eyes
Wishes withholding my breathe
Literally craving to turn back time
Still remains and will remain forever
An unfulfilled dream, a wish, a desir'


In a dream, a dream I saw
A dream to reminisce and cherish
A dream impossible to make it real
But so real, the dream seemed
In the dream, I lost myself

A Sin That Will Remain With Me Forever!

I am sure that I am in a dilemma for certain things that I have done. When I had initiated that action of mine, I was sure that I was right but, when I think of it now, I am sure that I was wrong. Though, it had taught me a lesson, yet I am unable to cope up with the loss that those involved had to go through. I still don’t know whether I was follo...wing my heart or my mind, for the mistake that I made was grave. And I am still unable to comprehend it.

Having stayed away from ever since I gained my consciousness, I, kind of ,understand the world and it’s preaching from my friends and teachers' point of view rather than my parents. Maybe I am the one who is at fault but I have always learnt things from my friends and teachers rather than my parents. It was my granny who taught me how to walk and speak. It was through her that I learnt the word ‘Ema’. I was away from home ever since I learnt to write ABC without understanding what was it. I never knew what family value was because when I began to understand certain things about life I found myself in the company of friends to comfort me and under the supervision of a warden who was very strict and whom we all feared.

After having done PG, then only I realized the true value of a family. I had passed out from the university and before my result was out I got a job. I started working then and there. My parents were quite happy with the achievement and my mom was dying to come here and stay with us. So just to fulfill her wishes we invited her over and stayed with her for over two months. When I recall those days, I believe that was the best days of my life and will never ever come in my life again. I still remember my mom’s face glowing and excited when I gave her my ATM card to access my bank account. She was all too excited to learn how to operate the ATM.

She was illiterate but I proudly claim that an educated lady was no better than her. She is as smart as any educated lady and can speak Hindi and English better than any graduate in Manipur. If you would see her than you would surely say that she is younger than I am. And yes, she is a damsel. None of you would ever believe that she is my mom. Back then, when she was here staying with us, I happened to have a fierce argument with her. She was disappointed by the way I shot back at her but she was by my side whether I was wrong or right. It didn’t matter at all to her. I believe this is how mother’s are like. They always take the side of their child no matter what. Even then I never realized her love for me because I always had the feeling that she was someone who would never anticipate anything that I do.

Probably the distance that was prevalent between the two of us ever since my childhood was the reason behind it. But the instant I began to realize her love for me and when I sincerely wanted to do something for her, she left me amidst nowhere. She left me forlorn to find the way on my own. When I think of those days I still regret. I still wish she was alive so that I could give her the best of the world. When I spend sleepless nights for weeks and months, I recall those days during my vacations when she used to spend waking up all night sitting by side, when I lay there dead asleep.

I guess I am paying for my sins that I have committed. I do not regret for what I am today but I regret for what I have done because of sheer foolishness. But mom, if my words would ever reach you then I wish to say that, “You are the best mom that anyone could ever ask for. And I loved you always but I never had the guts to express it because I found it quite embarrassing as I feared that you might laugh it off as a hlilarious joke”. And till this day, I regret for not having told you this. If I ever had one last chance to say this…!


In a wintry night
with nothing to comfort me
the cold smacked at me!

01 March 2011


There she stood with a smile on her face
Untouched by experience, unheeded by evil
Coy and joyous by nature
Harboring no evil thoughts
just as pure as the morning dew..

she had a smile that anyone would die for
Her eyes were full of life,
Innocence emanated from her every act
Making her the symbol of purity

Cupid suddenly strike and she couldn't surpass the blow..
Life seemed more beautiful than ever..
Glory behold her with cupid on her side...

Dismay was forlorn for she was full with life..
Fear was something she never heard of
Further she ventured into life..
With the whole world at her feet...

Just her smile was all she needed
Just her smile was all she had...
Millions adhered to her service...
Just for a glimpse of her captivating smile!