10 April 2011


A shriek I heard at the dead of the night
Startled I looked around!
Fierce was the shriek
But couldn't make out what it was
Though scary it was, yet curious was I
Could it be a lady in pain Or
Was it the screech of a car Or
Was it a cat or a dog?
Walking past the doorway
My knees felt weak out of fear
The terror almost freaked me out!

As I looked across the street,
An apparition I saw at a distance
Was it an illusion?
Stone frozen I was on seeing the vision...
The first thought that striked
Was to rush back my niche
But I stopped and approached the figure
As I drew closer,
She wore a tired look...
Faintly smiled at me but her eyes
Betrayed her smile!

As I started to talk to her
She came forward and hugged me
Taken aback I stood there
As if grounded!
She cried her heart out
But I felt as if stoned..
Then she turned back to leave
I halted her and asked who she was
She looked back, passed a faint smile
And turned away!
Her last glance was familiar..
I gasped... Ema!

08 April 2011

Maithiraba punsini
Khangamdraba meichakni

English Translation of the Haiku

The Flare

Filled with repression is life
Perplex and obscure
Unbearable is the flare

The Midnight Cigarrette

Without you,
Oh! Midnight cigarette,
Waiting for the dawn to set in
Would have been such a pain
Waiting the hours tick by
Would have seemed like a lifetime
As I fag,
I see the smoke dancing in the air
Teasing me, poking me
At times, making fun of me..
Yet filled with fun and frolic
Amusing me throughout the night
As I watch,
The fume dwindle away
Another fag comes into play
To keep the spirit high
To carry on the amusement...
Filling me with mirth and glee!

Nungshi Ethil

Lakhi nongju gi ahing amada
fathaba ngamdaba ehul ama
khalui khanthaningdaba mitkupta
arepani mahakna
penba naidraba punsigi echelda
chenthakhi eningtamna
khanjarui apambani mahakna
lupcharui nungshiba mangonda
ngaojakhi mahakki wakhalda...

fajaraba thabalgi ahingduda
sanajakhi waari ethanta
loinadraba nungshi wahei kaya
phongdokchakhi arotpa leitana
Khoidajei ngasisu mahakta
Leibiyu adum lengdana
Oijaningi mahakse eigita

Fongamdraba thamoigi yawa
Khangbiyu nahakna
sagatchariba manglan kaya
mangphao nahanbiyu nahakna
pubiyu anouba maikei amada
hulhanbiyu punsigi anouba yenning ama
thambiyu nathanungda chetna
satchagey eningtamna!


Deep within shrouds a mystery of fear
Just the thought shudders my heart
Blanched with the truth of life
Makes it all the more terrible
With every feat to forfeit the terror
Dreary are the visions I see
Entitled with a penalty too dear
Wearisome are the thoughts
Forcing me into a dingy vacuum
With no route to escape
Melancholy sets in, wretchedness tweaks!

Is It Worth Bidding Adieu To Life!

In the silent night, often thought occurs to me...
If bidding adieu to life would be the end..
To all the sufferings,
Is kissing goodbye to life the only solution?..
A question often asked...
With the morning dawn, a second thought strikes...
Questioning my being on this planet..
Whether I live or not is not worth counting...
For even after I am gone,
There will be no end to the sufferings..
For it will go on and on..

So why bid adieu to life, if me leaving is not going to bring about any difference? Why not I live and put in every little effort that I can to anchor the sail of life to a better direction?... Often I hear words like... "Eigi eya gi siba ngamgani" or "Magi damak thawai faoba thaba ngamgani".. these words are much cliched words.. that poeple often use just for the sake of saying.. without any intention of the underlying meaning...

But when I heard a friend say "Eidi eyaa gi damak hingani" I couldn't help but admire her.. Death is obvious for all of us... and quoting death putting forth something simply mean emotional blackmail.. for very few people adhere to what is actually been said.. On the contrary when someone says s/he will live for someone.. (as per my observation) that would the person would do every little bit that s/he can for the person they are referring to...