09 May 2010

Living With Memories

Words are never enough to describe how I feel. How hard I try it is always not possible to put in words what I have in mind. Words don’t simply comply with my thoughts. Though I wish to pour out all my heart yet some feelings always remain instilled deep in my soul. Hard to forget are the memories that I have. Some fond, some bitter but I wish to forget all of it to move on. But memories still clung on me and hold me back from moving on. Yes I know fond memories are meant to be cherished and bitter memories are to be laughed at. But I wish to cherish none of them and neither do I wish to laugh at it. I wish if I could drive it off to have a free mind and a free soul. But they do not let me. When I think of those days, I realize how changed I am today. The innocence which I valued the most is no longer in me. There was a time where only laughter and happiness filled my life. But gone are those days and will never come back. I wish if I could go back to those days again. But these are wishes which will remain unfulfilled. And what remain is only memories, some fond and some bitter. Even the fond memories are a pain to cherish. I long to forget it ….