06 July 2011

An Invaluable Lesson!

Words lay scattered here and there, but why is it difficult to put them together. Umpteen number of thoughts come and go, but pouring them out into meaningful sentences seems impossible. Looking beyond the impossible, waiting for the impossible to be possible, considering life to be just a series of events, this is all what I sought for. Am I expecting too much. With every wistful thought, comes along a ray of hope. But why is it difficult to cling on to the hopes.

Okay I am a pessimist and probably that’s why wistfulness takes the better of me. But am I born with pessimism? Probably no! Yet instilling optimistic thoughts in myself seems to be an unbeatable task.

Is it a sin to live life in a virtual world? Am I being foolish in seeking comfort from virtual friends? Are those people online simply bots with no heart and soul?

Probably there is no room for such things here. Seeking for a reliable companion here to help me unload the burden on my shoulder seems like I am displaying my dumbness. Seeking virtual friend’s shoulder to rely on might sound like I have no one around me to rely on. Well to a certain extent u may be right but at times it is easier to disclose something to a known yet unknown virtual friend about certain things which u find it hard to disclose it to your near and dear ones. hmm… well this is just a series of thoughts that has been troubling me since the last couple of days.. an invaluable lesson I learned is if u can’t keep a secret then don’t expect others to keep.. how well said!!

01 July 2011

Anti-social! Am I?

Anti-social! Am I?
Yes I am,
Being Aloof,
Desiring my own space,
Avoiding impulsiveness,
Is considered
Take Pride
Proclaiming myself
For I cannot accept
Intruding my niche.
It’s my life,
My time,
Headstrong I am
It is just me
The Anti-Social..
I do not
And cannot entertain
Those endorsing
Deceitfulness and
Those lacking
Do I have time
To dispense
On callousness
Why do you care?

On Sex!

Is it just physical or purely spiritual,
A culmination of two souls
Imbibed with love, trust,
Faith and feelings?
Or is it just a craving
Influencing and bribing young minds
Corrupting them?
Easy to spell is the 3-lettered word
Misinterpreted and misused by many
Underestimated by thousands...
Diminishing the sanctity
Of the union of the souls
On sex, I speak of
A taboo I am considered of
For conditioned are our minds
Moulded are our thoughts
Ever since our childhood
To think of it as a sin,
A crime, an immoral act!
Arousing our curiosity
To know, feel and
Experience it illegitimately
Defiantly trying to know the forbidden...