29 June 2011


A fear engulfs my heart and soul
Making my future bothersome
Though I know I am secured
Yet the thought of betrayal,
Unfaithfulness, trickery, treachery
Inundate my thought process
Submerging half of my conscious self
Into arrays of fear...
Comfortable I am in my own seclusion
For the very thought of hurting myself
Is simply terrifying...
The apprehensions are too vivid
To let it go as it clings onto inseparably!
Yes! selfish I am..
For i don't want to break again
For this is a new start..
A new beginning
For which I paid a price
Yet horrible thoughts
Keep annoying
Threatening my security!

25 June 2011

Fearful Thoughts!

As I lay on my bed
Thinking of you
Many a thoughts linger around
Some pleasant... some chiseled
And some tipsy...
Feelings seem to surpass everything
You are here with me
Lying down beside me
Yet you seem to be far
Far beyond my reach...
Each and every attempt
To break through those walls
Have always been a failure
A little bit of these and that
Was all I have as an excuse..
Yet I know and realized
Failure is what I got
Though I fear of none
Yet I fear of losing you
And with each passing day
I could sense you drifting away
The Loser that I am...
Every attempt to hold onto you
Seems to be of no use
Am I the passing wind?
Being a loser can be dreadful
And at times it bites
And stings like a Scorpion
Leaving behind the poison to spread
Killing me softly!
Oh the loser I am...
For despite knowing it
All I can do is just watch
As the time goes by...

16 June 2011

The Nymphomaniac Hooker

Innocent was her look
Smart was her appearance
A word when she utters
Many a men feel weak by their knees
Jealous of her are many a women
For her ability to make
Every men hers!
Intelligent was she
For she knows well to play with words
Stirring the emotions of others
Making them crave for her even more
With her luscious physique
Coquettishly pursuing them
Weaving webs of lies
Fooling them with fabricated dreams,
Stripping off their modesty...
Wringing and draining them off
Playing all the way
Till she finds
A bigger and better catch!
Smiling coyly and batting her eyes
Many hearts she has won
For not only a hooker she is
But a true Nymphomaniac Hooker
She is...
Hard to satisfy...
Difficult to fulfill her wishes
Yet there is no looking back for her!
With no dearth of men
Ready to give their heart
Happy to be fooled
And trampled upon by her...

The Skirt-Chaser!

Treacherous are your ways
Despicable are your actions
But your well-versed tongue
Knocks off everyone!
None can defeat you
When it comes to wooing
The Sexiest Lady
Walking down the lane.
None can walk pass
That seductive look in your eyes
Without responding to it...
Your honeyed words
Are all it takes
To strike the chord right there!
And you know it all too well
Being cheesy and flirting
Is your favorite past-time
Ever wondered how many hearts
Have you hurt?
Burdened is your life with
The curses of all those women
A gigolo that you are
You care for none
With nothing to worry about
And none to look back to
You still held your head high
Proud as ever
To being called "A Skirt-Chaser".

02 June 2011


Experience - a great teacher
Before whom
There is none greater
Even the Greatest
Kneel before
And have no say...
The mightiest
Are outsmarted
Nothing can
Par experience
Situation, conditions,
In action, atifices
With a set strategy
Contriving to give
proper shape and structure
Weaving with care
Hemming it neatly
Ignorance, immaturity,
And chastity
Is sealed
Never to be
Discovered again.
Taken over by experience,
Find no room
To leave traces
Of its existence even...