30 May 2011

Commitment Phobic!

"Commitment", a word I fear the most
The phobia may be irrational
But relentlessly, it haunts me
Just the mere thought of it
Makes me shiver to the spine
Playing its part in my heart and soul
I feel as if i am being strangulated
Suffocating me, making me hard to breathe
Mentally I am not prepared yet
To commit myself to anything
Too dear is my independence to give up
Obsessive I am of it
But here I am standing
Amidst a defining moment
Telling me its now or never...
Driving me into frenzy
Filling me with anxiety and stress
Oh the commitment Phobic me!

23 May 2011

The Tumult!

The tumult strikes yet again
With no looking back
Helter-skelter they ran
Fearing the upheaval,
Many a life went astray
Because of the uproar
Chaos taking the better
Leaving everyone confused
Some called it a blessing
While others cursed themselves
Some playing the blame game!
Pitiful are the souls
Trying to wash off
The blood of their brothers
Worst are those trying
To cover up their crimes
Using their sisters and mothers;
Defensive they are
Of the things they do
Cowards they are
For lacking the courage
To stand up and fight!