28 January 2011

Just a Thought...

Looking back to the bygone days gives an eerie feeling. A number of incident occurred. Not all of them may be good incidents to recall but whether good or bad all the incidents were good enough to be an excellent teacher. I have learnt many things from those incidents. There are times when I loathe those days but on second thought I thank my stars for having gone through it. Or else I would have never known the meaning of life.

When Thomas Hardy wrote, “Character is the destiny of man” in his novel “The Mayor of Casterbridge”, I always took it very lightly. But of late, I have begun to realize that no one writes for the sake of writing. Every word being put down in writing has a purpose to serve. Though I have realized the fact quite late but better late than never.

With all the complexes that life is made up of… adding more complexes in life is something that I would never appreciate doing. Gone are the days when I used to be carefree and had nothing to worry. Oh how wish to go back to those days. Back then, I had never realized that living a life could be so complex.

Come what may we are born to face the harsh truth of life, abide by the social norms to be considered civilized whether we like it or not. There are also certain things which we do not wish to endorse but are compelled to in order to save our face value. Freedom to us is just a word that sounds good to hear but is not entitled to its meaning in the real sense.

Time flies by with me watching it go by silently. Hands tied down... unable to do anything about it... as if I have been straitjacketed. Despite the desire to hold on to it... it seems like I am losing my grip on it. The tighter I hold on it the faster it seems to slip off. My spirits are still high but I don't know how long I will be able to put up with the life I am faking to live.