11 February 2012

Bewildered I am

Bewildered I amTo snivel
Or to be cheerful!
Baffled I am To be alive...
Or to be existing
Befuddled I am
With the belief of the past
Thinking of the days long-gone
Flabbergasted I am
Seeing the manner of life
Seeing the hardnosed humankind!
Still perplexed I am
Whether to gush with the surge
Or whirl against the tide...
Not much of a writer I am
Yet, in catch-22 I am...
Whether I should persevere
Or give up!
Confusion still reigns
Forfeiting my poise
Flaking me from realism!
Just a wish…
Materializing is unfeasible
That I am sure of
But I do wish
And will continue…
Till I breathe my last
Perplexity reigns!

A Wish

Never knew what love is
Till I met you...
Never knew what missing someone is
Till I missed you...
Never knew what it was
To be loved
Never knew what it meant to be cared for
Until you cared for me...
Life is so amiss without you
oh! how I wish you were around
How I wish to have someone
To whom my existence matter
Life is so full of shit...
I wish I never grew up
I wish I was a child
Protected by a possessive mother
Against this loathsome world!