11 February 2012

Bewildered I am

Bewildered I amTo snivel
Or to be cheerful!
Baffled I am To be alive...
Or to be existing
Befuddled I am
With the belief of the past
Thinking of the days long-gone
Flabbergasted I am
Seeing the manner of life
Seeing the hardnosed humankind!
Still perplexed I am
Whether to gush with the surge
Or whirl against the tide...
Not much of a writer I am
Yet, in catch-22 I am...
Whether I should persevere
Or give up!
Confusion still reigns
Forfeiting my poise
Flaking me from realism!
Just a wish…
Materializing is unfeasible
That I am sure of
But I do wish
And will continue…
Till I breathe my last
Perplexity reigns!

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